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I am new programmar in Ruby. Can someone take an example about opening file with r+,w+,a+ mode in Ruby? What is difference between them and r,w,a?

Please explain, and provide an example.

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The file open modes are not really specific to ruby - they are part of IEEE Std 1003.1 (Single UNIX Specification). You can read more about it here:


r or rb
    Open file for reading.

w or wb
    Truncate to zero length or create file for writing.

a or ab
    Append; open or create file for writing at end-of-file.

r+ or rb+ or r+b
    Open file for update (reading and writing).

w+ or wb+ or w+b
    Truncate to zero length or create file for update.

a+ or ab+ or a+b
    Append; open or create file for update, writing at end-of-file.
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