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I have the following ListBox:

<ListBox ScrollViewer.VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Disabled"
         ItemsSource="{Binding Movies}"
         ItemContainerStyle="{StaticResource HeaderListBoxItemStyle}">
            <Controls:MoviesItemControl Header="{Binding Title}"
                                        Detail="{Binding FormattedDescription}"
                                        Rating="{Binding Rating}"
                                        Opacity="{Binding IsSuppressed, Converter={StaticResource DimIfTrueConverter}}" 
                                        IsEnabled="{Binding IsSuppressed, Converter={StaticResource InverseBooleanConverter}}"/>

I'm trying to set the Disabled state of ListBoxItems that are 'Suppressed' (Movies with no description found). I have a property which I am able to bind to my individual control, but I want them to not be selectable in the actual list. (And use the disabled state included in my ItemsContainerStyle)

I have seen a few implementations on SO using Trigger, but that does not seem to be available in WP7, and I would prefer to not have to create a different style for each control so that they bind properly.

Any ideas?

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See the following question: WP7 - Databind ListboxItem's IsEnabled Property

Which in turn links to this: Better SetterValueBindingHelper makes Silverlight Setters better-er!

I tried out SetterValueBindingHelper by David Anson for this specific scenario and it worked great. All you have to do is to add SetterValueBindingHelper.cs to your project and then you can bind IsEnabled in the setter like this

<Style x:Key="HeaderListBoxItemStyle" TargetType="ListBoxItem">
    <Setter Property="delay:SetterValueBindingHelper.PropertyBinding">
            <delay:SetterValueBindingHelper Property="IsEnabled"
                                            Binding="{Binding IsSuppressed}"/>
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Thanks! I made a new Style specifically for this list since not all my models have this IsSuppressed flag, but I want the same interaction. Is there a way to achieve this using just 1 Style without adding that property to each model? – William Melani Aug 17 '11 at 18:55

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