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I am having trouble getting Drupal 7.7 to use a MySQL slave database.

My settings.php is as follows:

$databases['default']['default'] = array(
  'driver' => 'mysql',
  'database' => 'my_db',
  'username' => 'dbuser',
  'password' => 'dbpw',
  'host' => 'db-ip-address'
$databases['default']['slave'][] = array(
  'driver' => 'mysql',
  'database' => 'my_db',
  'username' => 'dbuser',
  'password' => 'dbpw',
  'host' => ''

Replication itself is working great. When I add new content to the site it quickly is replicated on the slave.

Looking at tcpdump though, I never see a call to the local database.

Is there anything I'm missing to enable Drupal to use the slave?

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Using slave databases is barely implemented in Drupal core. If you are developing your own modules then calls to db_query need to specify that they want to use the slave database using the $options array. See DatabaseConnection::defaultOptions for how to set this array.

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Thanks James, This was also answered for me on Looks like only 'Search' and 'Aggregator' can make use of a slave. – Brian Aug 25 '11 at 19:11

This issue has a really good answer to this same question:

It is indeed possible to rather easily make most of core and contrib use slave server for selects, without patching core :)

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The AutoSlave module redirects SELECT queries to read-only replicant databases, and it takes into account replication lag.

According to the module docs, it only uses the read-only replicant when all of the following conditions are true:

  1. The query is a select query
  2. The tables in the select query have not been written to during the request and within the assumed replication lag
  3. A transaction has not been started
  4. The tables in the select query are not specified in the 'tables' option in the driver settings
  5. A lock has not been started (core db-lock and memcache-lock supported)
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