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I have two interfaces, IDrawable and IUpdateable. Some concrete drawables are updateable, but not all. A sprite with animations, for example, implements both IDrawable and IUpdateable but a static image just implements IDrawable.

The problem is obvious... how could I possibly update animations with just an IDrawable reference? If I pass a Sprite to a Button to use as it's graphic representation, the Button just remains static because it can't advance it's sprite animations.


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A solution is to define a new abstraction:

public interface IXXXObject {
   IDrawable Drawable { get; } // return null if not support IDrawable
   IUpdatable Updatable { get; } // return null if not support IUpdatable

All your objects should implement this interface. Now you should pass objects as IXXXObject and you can call a feature if it is supporting.

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