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I'm trying to log a bluetooth connection in an Android app (non-malicious, it's logging diagnostics). However, the transmissions and responses are in byte arrays and contain non-ASCII bytes. Trying to log the raw byte array gives about 20 spaces between every other character.

How can I remove all non-ASCII bytes?

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Iterate through the byte array and append each byte that is in the ASCII range to a StringBuilder. Remember to cast them to char such that you get append(char) rather than append(int).

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Since you are bothering to log the data at all perhaps you should log the hex-encoding of the data. That way you'll preserve all the information present. If you really want to see only the ASCII characters you can post-process the log information to give you an ASCII view of it when you want.

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What it is. That's the deeper question. However, since this is on a phone, I can't exactly do much post-processing. I'm most likely not going to have access to the machines where the data is viewed. –  John Aug 17 '11 at 22:11

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