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I'm looking for a way to embed an Excel spread sheet into a Java GUI application. Actually into a Qt GUI build by using QtJambi. The spread sheet does not necessarily be modifiable, but a seamless presentation would be preferable to an explicit opening of the excel application.

I came up with several ideas by scanning the web:

  • embed the sheet in an html file and display it by using a browser integrated in java
  • j-integra (seems old, requires licencing)
  • jacob (no gui support if I am correct)
  • use swt.ole classes (the most promising, there's even an example on the web, problem is how to display swt in qt)
  • use Qt's ActiveQt (not existent in the Java port)

Has anybody experiences concerning this topic? Any ideas that might be helpful - I would be grateful.


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IMO the first way is the most straight forward. Also take a look at Apache POI. It may have what you need. Is the swt.ole example you found the same as what was mentioned here?

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