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I have a chrome extension with a pageAction button. The user clicks on it and the popup.html window shows up so the user can do the needful.

Is there a way that I can decorate a link on the page such that when the user clicks the link it programatically fires a click event to the pageAction button so the popup.html opens.

Using jQuery it is trivial to fire such an event on elements in the page i.e. $("#myelement").click() but how does one get the handle of a pageAction element so one can fire a click event on it?

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It's impossible to programmatically click a page action icon. The user must click the page action button; this is the only way to show the popup page. –  Chris Aug 17 '11 at 6:52

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Unfortunately you cannot directly trigger it, in the same way that you cannot trigger a browser action programmatically. This is by design, Chrome is fairly restrictive with extension UIs in an attempt to keep them all standardised and minimalist.

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