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is http streaming possible without using any streaming servers?

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Sure, but you need also segmenter. – Andrew Jul 2 '12 at 22:25

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Of course. You can output and flush, it gets to client before you end the script, thus it's streaming.

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Yes, although libraries have varying level of support. What needs to be used is "http chunking", such that lib does not try to buffer the whole request/response in memory (to computed the content length header) and instead indicate content comes in chunks.

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Yes,not only its possible but has been implemented by various media server companies, only reason they still make usage of servers because of commercial purpose. Basically the content you want to stream should be divided into chunks/packets and then client machine can request those chunks via simple HTTP Get Requests.

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For live streaming, only segmented, like Apple HLS, other variants of segmented HLS (like OSMF) are not widely supported at the moment. IIS from microsoft can also do smooth streaming (and Apple HLS as well). Apple HLS can be supported on any web server when you pre-segment stream to chunks and just upload to web server path.

For VoD streaming, there is lot's of modules for all web servers.

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