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How do I retrieve the model name for a backbone.js model instance?

For example:

var Topic = Backbone.Model.extend({

var topic = new Topic({ type: 'question' })

var doSomethingWithTopic = function(topic) {
  // check if passed in topic is of type Topic
  // something like topic.constructor.name === 'Topic'


I realize I may be blurring the line between a backbone.js model and a class, so I am open to other ways of going about this if needed.

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Use the instanceof operator.

var doSomethingWithTopic = function(topic) {
  if( topic instanceof Topic ) {
    // do something with topic
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While this compares the model type with a known object, is it possible to get the model type of a Backbone object so that I can create a new instance of that model? –  Nilesh C Feb 1 '12 at 11:09
@NileshC: if obj is an existing object, then var newObj = new (obj.constructor)(); will create a new instance of the same type. This assumes that the object was "wired up" correctly when it was constructed (which is a safe assumption for objects created with Backbone). –  Lee Feb 3 '12 at 22:21

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