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I have to produce multiple reports on a regular basis; same reports are produced for the whole customer base. My problem is that designing the layout of the reports is long and tedious job.

What I need is a GUI tool for designing the layout of the reports.

The output of the tool should be xsl file that will used for creating reports in batch. Additional option is that the toll will provide a library that will allow build a customized batch process for report creation based on GUI layout definitions.


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If you are looking for an open source tool give BIRT ( a try.

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If I understand right, you are using reports in HTML form from XML data, right? If is not "XSL file" condition for reporting, try some reporting tool. They has designer, exports to pdf/html/doc/etc..., someones also end-user-designer and much more.

My response for similar question: Crystal Reports .Net Guidance

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We (the company I work for) produce a tool called RSinteract. I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for since you have not specified the data source you're reporting on.

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If you want to stick to an XSL Altova's Stylevision product. If you're interested in looking at a third party tool that saves reports in another XML dialect look at our products at

Scott Willeke
Data Dynamics / GrapeCity
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