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I have a set of file names.

Eg: name=apple_class=1A_regis=1.txt 

I want to be able to save all the file names that have the same 'name=apple_class=1A' into an array. That would save the first two file names into an array.

I have tried using for loop but I am still unable to get this as I have no idea how to check the filenames.

Please help. Thanks!

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Use strfind, which returns the index where the sub-string you are looking for starts, within the string you are looking in. If the result is not empty, the string exists. In this example I compare the index to 1 and not just checking if it is not empty, to conform to your example:

fileName = 'name=apple_class=1A_regis=1.txt';
k = strfind (fileName, 'name=apple_class=1A');
if k==1
   % do something
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Building on @Itamar Katz answer, you would save the filenames in a cellarray of strings, apply STRFIND, then find the ones with matching substring:

filenames = {

idx = strfind(filenames, 'name=apple_class=1A');
idx = find(~cellfun(@isempty,idx));

The filenames that match are:

>> result = filenames(idx)
result = 
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