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i have a activity,i want to pass value from activity to tabactivity so that to change the tab of tabactivity,mu code: activity:

           intent.putExtra("tabNumber", "2");
            intent.setClass(context, TabSubActivities.class);

the follow code in the tabActivity:

 Bundle bundle = this.getParent().getIntent().getExtras();
    //Bundle bundle = this.getIntent().getExtras();
    if (bundle != null) {
        String tabNumber = bundle.getString("tabNumber");
        if (tabNumber != null && !tabNumber.equals(""))
             int No= Integer.getInteger(tabNumber);
            // ((TabActivity) getParent()).getTabHost().setCurrentTab(No);
            // ((TabActivity) getParent()).getTabHost().setCurrentTab(1);
            //((TabActivity) getParent()).getTabHost().setCurrentTab(2);

but i cannot get the Log information,and give me mistake,how to form activity to change tabactivity tab,for example: tabactivity default show tab(0),i want to show tab(1),but i want the activity not belongs to tavactivty to change the tavactivty tab

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You can use Intent Filters for that purpose. Just broadcast your event in your activity and handle it in your tabActivity.

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thank you for your answer –  pengwang Aug 17 '11 at 7:05

int No= Integer.getInteger(tabNumber) this line is mistake,i used int No= Integer.parseInt(tabNumber);

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