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I have the following JSON schema

             {"display_name":"EMPLOYEE NAME:",

Now I have to generate an html tag i.e

<input type="text" value="name"></input>

How do I use the JSON with jQuery? I know I have to use append method. But I'm not sure how to append JSON elements.


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Hmmm, do you have multiple 'employees'? –  karim79 Aug 17 '11 at 6:21

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You can use $.parseJSON to parse your text into a JSON object. Then use jQuery to create any elements you want and append it where you want. (Here's a JSFiddle)

 var myJSON = '{ "employee": { "display_name":"EMPLOYEE NAME:", "format":"string", "type":"textbox", "dflt":"null", "isMandatory":"true" } }';

 var employee = $.parseJSON(myJSON).employee; //get employee object
 if (employee.type == "textbox") {
   $('<label>').attr({for: 'employee_name'}).text(employee.display_name).appendTo($('body'));
   $('<input>').attr({type: 'text', id:'employee_name'}).appendTo($('body'));

This generates the HTML:

 <label for="employee_name">EMPLOYEE NAME:</label>
 <input type="text" id="employee_name">

I'm sure this is not exactly what you want, but this should definitely lead you in the right direction to solving your problem. Enjoy!

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This might be what you're looking for: http://neyeon.com/p/jquery.dform/doc/files2/readme-txt.html

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