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I have a base UINavigationController class ( xib-less code ) using the singleton pattern with the fallowing code

public class NavController : UINavigationController
    public static NavController Instance = new NavController();

    public void ChangePage( UIViewController sender, UIViewController page, double duration )
       this.PushViewController( page, false );
       SetViewControllers( new UIViewController[]{ page }, false );
       if( sender != null )
          sender = null;

And also i have 4 UIWebController classes with this structure

public class AViewPage : UIViewController
    UIButton    btn = new UIButton( new RectangleF( 0,0, 100, 100) );
    UIImageView img = new UIImageView( new RectangleF( 100, 100, 200, 200 ); 
    //and a lot of other widgets

    public override void ViewDidLoad ()
         base.ViewDidLoad ();       
         btn.TouchUpInside += delegate{
             AnotherViewPage page = new AnotherViewPage();
             NavController.Instance.ChangePage( this, page,  1 );
     this.View.AddSubview( btn );
     this.View.AddSubview( img );       


My problem is that with current code, memory is leaking. What am I doing wrong?

  • Should i override the Dispose(bool) and manually dispose everything on the UIWebController classes ?
  • I also have a lot of UIImages and UIImageViews on this UIViewControllers, what is the proper way of disposing them ?
  • I have the feeling that the ChangePage function code is ugly. Help me with a better example please.
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A fix is coming in the MonoTouch 4.1 beta release, a temporary workaround is this:

Replace this line:



      var super = sender.View.Superview;
      sender.View.RemoveFromSuperview ();
      var scratch = super.Subviews;

The correct fix in the next release will just work. Apologies for that.

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Ok, stupid question from the beginning.

If you run in to the same problem, just read a little about PushViewController, PopViewControllerAnimated, ViewDidAppear, ViewDidDisappear and ViewDidLoad.

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