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In Git, how do I find the SHA-1 IDs of all blobs in the object database that contain a string pattern? git-grep provides only the file paths and not the sha1 IDs.

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I don't think there's an easy way of iterating over every object in the object database, although you'll find scripts that people have written that do that. What's the problem that you really want to solve?

An alternative, if you want to look in the index for every blob that contains a string ("hello", say) would be to do:

git grep -z -l -e hello --cached | xargs -0 git ls-files -s --

Or if you want to look for all the blobs in the commit f4141f31 that contain that string, you could use:

git grep -l -e hello f4141f31

And feed that to [some command I don't know] that will give you the SHA1 of the blob at that path in that particular commit.

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I am trying to use git for something other than file management. Different "files" are of different "types" (type string encoded in the file) and I want to find all objects in the object database of a particular type. – H Krishnan Aug 17 '11 at 12:25
I guess there is no direct way. I'll mark this as the answer as this states that. I looked at git-grep source code and I think it may be straightforward to modify that to output the SHA-1 IDs. – H Krishnan Aug 19 '11 at 4:07

You can try a git log using the pickaxe option:

git log -Sstring --all

See "How to find commit SHA1 of a tree containing a file containing a given string"

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