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Hi there being new to the 'write-contract-first' webservice area i was wondering if there are any good and preferably opensource tools that could help me in writing my wsdl files.

I know that i can write the WSDL with a text/XML editor but this is a cumbersome and error- prone approach.

I am using Apache CXF for my implementation, any hints and tips are highly appreciated!

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The eclipse project WTP (Web Tools Platform) includes a graphical WSDL editor. It has a similiar editor for XML schemas (XSD) too.

Either install one of the prepackaged contributions that include Web Tools already or add to an already installed installation of eclipse.

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Eclipse has many tools to help you out with XML, WSDL and the likes. If you work a lot with XML then paying (small) license fees for software like Altova or Oxygen is money well spent. – Wivani Aug 17 '11 at 7:55

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