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I want to use VTK together with Python on a Windows system.

It seems that I cannot use the windows installer but "have to compile VTK from source code using CMake and a native build system". So far I have installed CMake.

But now I wonder how to proceed? It seems that I need MS Visual Studio to create the project files?!

But I don't have Visual Studio. So what can I do?

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Visual Studio Express edition is free. –  katrielalex Aug 17 '11 at 8:37

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There is a VTK installer here:


It appears to work fine for me and it beats compiling it.

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You can use VTK with python just installing pythonxy framework, it is just a python with many many libraries included VTK, ITK, Qt and many other, also it is very well documented, and also have many examples, all in python. I recommend it to you, I have worked a lot with it, and is very amazing. Just make a try. All you have to do is in the installer wizard select among the tools, VTK, and it will be installed with vtk.

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here is a link, code.google.com/p/pythonxy/wiki/Downloads. –  KronuZ Feb 6 at 9:47

It wasn't the case when you asked this question, but since version 6.1, vtk-python ships with a Windows (linux and osx) installer. See their download page for more information.

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