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I have a razor template like below. I want to check if the value in the input field is null, put a empty string, if the @UIManager.Member.EMail has a value, put its value. How can I do that ?

//more implementation

    <input name="EMail" id="SignUpEMail" type="text" class="Input" 
    value="@UIManager.Member.EMail" validate="RequiredField" />

//more implementation

Thanks in advance,


If I dosomething like below

<input name="EMail" id="SignUpEMail" type="text" class="Input" 
value="@(UIManager.Member == null) ? string.Empty : UIManager.Member.EMail" 
validate="RequiredField" />

The value is shown in the input field is

True ? string.Empty : UIBusinessManager.MemberCandidate.EMail

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as long as UIManager and UIManager.Member are non-null, this should already work... can you clarify? – Marc Gravell Aug 17 '11 at 8:25
Actually @UIManager.Member is initially null. It gets its value after a postback operation. So it doesnt work, you're right. How to check it so ? – Ryu Kaplan Aug 17 '11 at 8:33
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If sounds like you just want:

@(UIManager.Member == null ? "" : UIManager.Member.Email)

Note the locations of the brackets is critical; with razor, @(....) defines an explicit range to the code - hence anything outside the brackets is treated as markup (not code).

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Thanks. This is what I needed. – Ryu Kaplan Aug 17 '11 at 8:43

To Check some property of a model in cshtml.

    <p> - </p>

so best way to do this:

@(Model.CUSTOM_PROPERTY ?? "-")
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