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i would like to post events via PHP into the "Event-Calendar", see screen...

It works principle with the script below, i can call the event direct via...{ID}

...but the event is not listet in the "Event-Calendar" ...and this is what i want!

-> How i do this right?

Best regards from germany, codeboot

ps. sorry for my english.

require_once ('fb-php-sdk/facebook.php'); 

$app_id = 'xxx'; 
$secret = 'xxx'; 
$id_profile = 'xxx'; 

$facebook = new Facebook(array( 
'appId' => $app_id, 
'secret' => $secret, 
'cookie' => true, 

$event_info = array( 
'name' => 'abc event', 
'description' => 'lorem ipsum dolor sit', 
'owner' => 'eric example', 
'location' => 'Location name and street', 
'city' => 'berlin', 
'start_time' => date('Y-m-d H:i', time()), 
'privacy_type' => 'OPEN' 

$event_id = $facebook->api('/'.$id_profile.'/events', 'post', $event_info);
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1) you are not validating if there's an active user 2) you are not appending an offline_access access_token assuming your user is not necessary "connected" 3) have you acquired the create_event permission? 4) I guess your event will be in the "Past Events" if it was created successfully 5) check this article – ifaour Aug 17 '11 at 9:03
@ifaour: thank you, i will check your hints. ; best regards – codeboot Aug 17 '11 at 15:04

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