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Pharo has a built-in code formatter. I want that whenever I save a method, Pharo ignores all my formatting and auto-formats the code instead. Can that be done?

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Sure, there is a setting if you use the Refactoring Engine and OmniBrowser: In the "Settings Browser" navigate to Refactoring Engine > Auto Format on Accept. There is also the setting Refactoring Engine > Auto Format on Display, which automatically formats the code before it is displayed. The formatting settings themselves are in Refactoring Engine > Configurable Formatter.

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If you discovered the setting "Auto Format on Accept" too late and if want to automatically format a complete package you can do so too. Select an entity of the package (e.g. a class or method) and then click in the context menu on "Refactoring scope > Package". In the new browser select "Refactor > Reformat". –  Lukas Renggli Aug 17 '11 at 13:37

I figured out a sort of hack , to deal with self formating method saves. It might come in handy.

In NautilusUi -> compileSource: aText notifying: aController

add this line in the begining.

self refactor formatSourceCode.

That is this will create the auto format on save functionality. Also i admit, that this is not the right way to do this, but it works for me.

 **compileSource: aText notifying: aController
        | source category method |
        self refactor formatSourceCode.
        source := aText asString.
        category := self selectedCategory.
        method := self selectedMethod.
        category ifNil: [ method ifNotNil: [ category := method protocol. ]. ].
        (category isNil and: [ method isNil. ])
            ifTrue: [

                source first isUppercase
                    ifTrue: [ ^ self compileAClassFrom: source notifying: aController. ].
                category := Categorizer default.
            ifFalse: [

                (category = self allLabel and: [ self selectedMethod notNil. ])
                    ifTrue: [ category := self selectedMethod protocol. ].
        self compileAMethodFromCategory: category withSource: source notifying: aController.**
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