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I have simple code:

public interface AccountService {
    public boolean verifyBalance(AccountInfo account);

public class MoneyTransferServiceBean implements MoneyTransferService {
    private AccountService accountService;

    class MoneyTransfer {
        private TransferRequest request;
        public MoneyTransfer(TransferRequest request) {
            this.request = request;

        private void verifySrcBalance() throws TransferException {
            if (!accountService.verifyBalance("request")
                throw new TransferException("LOW_BALANCE_ERROR_MESSAGE");


How Im make implement dummy for accountService.verifyBalance()

Im trying this:

private MoneyTransferServiceBean moneyTransferService;
AccountService mockedAccountService = mock(AccountService.class);
MoneyTransfer moneyTransfer = MoneyTransfer(transferRequest);

But this does not take effect.

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generaly doX() methods are used for mocking exception throws and void methods. Other use is mocked by when([method_call]).thenX(); First create mocks and put your mock into tested service with setters or Whitebox:

MoneyTransferServiceBean moneyTransferService = new MoneyTransferServiceBean();
AccountService mockedAccountService = mock(AccountService.class);
Whitebox.setInternalState(moneyTransferService , "accountService", mockedAccountService);

You should mock interaction with the mock like this:


There are nice examples on Mockito site explaining it all.

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