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I have the sequence DNA and I want to find nucleotide of the sequence at the position which was chosed by people. Below is the example:

Enter the sequence DNA: ACTAAAAATACAAAAATTAGCCAGGCGTGGTGGCAC (the length of sequence is 33) Enter the position: (12)

I hope the result is the position number 12 the nucleotides are AAA.

I have no problem finding the amino acid of the position. Below is the current code I have.

$DNAfilename = <STDIN>;
chomp $DNAfilename;
unless ( open(DNAFILE, $DNAfilename) ) {
  print "Cannot open file \"$DNAfilename\"\n\n";
close DNAFILE;
$DNA = join( '', @DNA);
print " \nThe original DNA file is:\n$DNA \n";
$DNA =~ s/\s//g;

print" enter the number ";

if ($po>length($DNA)) 
  print" no data";

  print " @pos\n\n";

Please advice how can I find the position at the DNA sequence.

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my $nucleotide = substr $DNA, $po, 3;

This will take the 3 nucleotides from positions $po upto $po+2 and assign it to $nucleotide.

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Thank you very much. I had to find the amino acid but with the long sequence (3272733 bp) when I enter high the number position (14488)this program did not run.Please show me the problem in this program. – Phan Aug 17 '11 at 10:18
Please try the proposal from Xaerxess below. It should extract the data, you want. Otherwise give us the output and/or error message you get. – hexcoder Aug 17 '11 at 11:16
sorry I have some mistake. It is good. thanks you so much. – Phan Aug 19 '11 at 6:58

That'll be something like this:

use strict;
use warnings;

my $DNA_filename = <STDIN>;
chomp $DNA_filename;
unless (open(DNAFILE, $DNA_filename))
    die 'Cannot open file "' . $DNA_filename . '"' . "\n\n";

my @DNA = <DNAFILE>;
close DNAFILE;

my $DNA_string = join('', @DNA);
print "\n" . 'The original DNA file is:' . "\n" . $DNA_string . "\n";
$DNA_string =~ s/\s//g;

print ' enter the number ';
my $pos = <STDIN>;

if ($pos > length($DNA_string)) 
    print ' no data';
    print ' ' . substr($DNA_string, $pos, 3) . "\n\n";

Some comments:

  1. Always use strict and use warnings - it'll help you to write better and bug-free code.
  2. I personally don't like using interpolation in double quoted strings, hence those concatenations.
  3. Result's position is starting with 0 - if you want, you may change last if's condition and else.

Edit: I've misread part of question about nucleotides, as @hexcoder wrote, you want substr($DNA_string, $pos, 3).

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