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I am building a basic blog module that allows the user to rate the blog posts.

The ratings are submitted via an ajax extension and held in a data table as an INT value.

When I call the ratings onto the page using a variable I would like to calculate the overall average rating.

Could anyone shed some light on how I would go about doing this?

Here is my code:

var rating = from x in db.DT_Control_BlogRatings
                         where x.Blog_ID == int.Parse(codesnippets.Decrypt(Request["blg"].ToString(), true))
                         select new

            string usercount = rating.Count().ToString();

            LB_UserRating.Text = "Currently rated " + usercount + " times";

Many thanks!

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// Extract the blog id before the query, because this instruction can't be translated to SQL
int blogId = int.Parse(codesnippets.Decrypt(Request["blg"].ToString(), true));

var ratings = from x in db.DT_Control_BlogRatings
              where x.Blog_ID == blogId
              select x.RatingNo;
var avg = ratings.Average();
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Have you checked out the IEnumerable Average method?

In your scenario you would use rating.Average(r => r.RatingNo).

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I would say sum of all ratings for given post devided by their count will give you an average.

So you have how often given post was rated + how good it was rated function.

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double ratingAverage = rating.Average (r => r.RatingNo);
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I think you can do:

double avg = rating.Average(rat=>rat.RatingNo);

However given you have the count might be nicer to:

int usercount = rating.Count();
double avg = rating.Sum(rat=>rat.RatingNo) / usercount;
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