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I have created a button in Photoshop and I have split them into 3 images. Now I want to put those images into android button. I know how to create layouts in android but the point I am missing is how can I make them fluid?

So there is a button for which I have 3 images.

left side middle one right side

I now want to ask how can I use these images for a <Button> tag so it expands repeating the middle one. Do I need to create style here and then put background="@drawable/three_button_style" or there is something I really need to know?

Is the same going to be true for ListView? I got a list view and images for top, middle and bottom so can I create a ListView of 3 images repeating the middle one?

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For scaling items Android usually uses 9-patch, which behaves something like your example but also vertically. Here's a link to the 9-patch tool that can be used to draw these: http://developer.android.com/guide/developing/tools/draw9patch.html

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