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I'm debugging my JavaScript code that runs well in most browsers so far... but Chrome keeps refusing my Ajax.Request at the moment. Please have a look at the following code:

    var base = document.location.pathname.substr(0, document.location.pathname.indexOf('/',1));
    new Ajax.Request(base + '/status.json', {
        method : 'get',
        dataType : 'json',
        contentType : 'application/json',
        onSuccess : function(res) {
        onFailure : function(res) {
            console.error("ProgressBar AJAX failed!");
        onCreate : function(res) {
            console.error("ProgressBar AJAX onCreate!");
        onUninitialized : function(res) {
            console.error("ProgressBar AJAX onUninitialized!");
        onLoading : function(res) {
            console.error("ProgressBar AJAX onLoading!");
        onLoaded : function(res) {
            console.error("ProgressBar AJAX onLoaded!");
        onInteractive : function(res) {
            console.error("ProgressBar AJAX onInteractive!");
        on200 : function(res) {
            console.error("ProgressBar AJAX on200!");
        onComplete : function(res) {
            console.error("ProgressBar AJAX onComplete!");

All those onSomethings have been added for debugging... I normally need onSuccess only. But that is never called by Chrome at the moment. It only fires the following events:


That's it. No onLoaded or anything else.

Is this a known bug of this version? We use RichFaces v3.3.3.Final which comes with ProtoType. If this simply won't work I'll code my own AJAX Request for Chrome... but I want to make sure that I've not made a simple mistake first. Thanks.

PS: I saw Prototype's Ajax.Request not working in Chrome which is rather old... so I started a new topic.

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...I've tried jQuery.ajax() instead (which comes with RichFaces too) and this works. So I can handle it. But I'm still curious if I made a mistake above. –  Daniel Bleisteiner Aug 17 '11 at 10:06

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I'm pretty sure prototype does not have the dataType attribute, try removing that and check again.

Here are the default prototype AJAX options

this.options = {
    method:       'post',
    asynchronous: true,
    contentType:  'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
    encoding:     'UTF-8',
    parameters:   '',
    evalJSON:     true,
    evalJS:       true
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Maybe I added that option during tests... if it's not used Prototype will sure ignore it. But I'll give it a try tomorrow. –  Daniel Bleisteiner Aug 17 '11 at 16:12
Yeah, i know it is not supposed to make a difference since the default properties only get extended, so it's just an extra attribute. I dont have a MAC so i cannot re-create the issue. –  epoch Aug 18 '11 at 6:45

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