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I have a function ( DoDb::printJsonDG($sql, $db, 1000, 2) ) which echos json. I have to catch it and then use str_replace() before it is send to the user. However I cannot stop it from doing echo. I don't want to change printJsonDG because it is being used in several other locations.

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You can use the ob_start() and ob_get_contents() functions in PHP.



echo "Hello ";

$out1 = ob_get_contents();

echo "World";

$out2 = ob_get_contents();


var_dump($out1, $out2);

Will output :

string(6) "Hello "
string(11) "Hello World"
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You can do it by using output buffering functions.


/* do your echoing and what not */ 

$str = ob_get_contents();

/* perform what you need on $str with str_replace */ 


/* echo it out after doing what you had to */

echo $str;
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Perhaps you can refactor DoDb:

class DoDb
    public static function getJsonDG( $some, $parameters )
            original routine from printJsonDG without the print statement

        return $result;

    public static function printJsonDG( $some, $parameters )
        print self::getJsonDG( $some, $parameters );

That way you don't have to touch the code elsewhere in you application.

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Check out output buffering, but I'd rather change the function now that it seems it'll be used for two things. Simply returning the string would be best.

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