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I administer an FB fan page and i would like to hold all comments made by fans for Moderation before they show up at the wall, i dont want to use the keyword moderation option from page setting because its not good enough as the fans became very creative in wording explicit comments. Any Apps or plugins that can do the job?

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If you add very common words to Facebook's blocklist, eg, conjunctions (and, or, so, but, for, etc), personal pronouns (I, he, they, me) and other common words used by your fans (love, hate, like, why, when, how, cost, price, best, etc. etc. etc!) , you can effectively hack the blocklist to become a pre-moderation tool by filtering virtually ALL of the comments into the Hidden area.

All you have to do is then review all the Hidden comments and posts (hidden comments appear greyed-out and hidden wall posts are moved to the 'Hidden posts' section accessible only to Page Admins) and then click the option to 'Unhide' the suitable ones. The unsuitable ones you can leave hidden or removed permanently (though there's no point doing this as you then immediately lose all record of the unsuitable post).

Hope that helps.

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An app wouldn't really be able to achieve this, because it wouldn't be able to intercept the message before it went on the wall.

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