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My file's path is D:\installed software\Wing IDE 3.2\bin\wingide.exe.

Now I want to run the wingide.exe file on the command line. So first, I enter cmd to the startup box, then get C:\Documents and settings\Administrator>

Then I typed d: then installed software\Wing IDE 3.2\bin\wingide.exe after it. and click the enter key. It shows D:\installed is not an command. Why? How can I correct this?

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The Windows command prompt (I hope you are not actually using MS-DOS!) does not care about what keys you've typed. It cares about the command you are attempting to run and it seems it's this:

installed software\Wing IDE 3.2\bin\wingide.exe

So you are asking to run program "installed" and pass three parameters to it:

  • software\Wing
  • IDE
  • 3.2\bin\wingide.exe

... because that's how most command prompts work: you use white space to separate items. You probably want this:

"installed software\Wing IDE 3.2\bin\wingide.exe"


"D:\installed software\Wing IDE 3.2\bin\wingide.exe"
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Your path has a space in it so you need to put quotes around it. Try typing:

"D:\installed software\Wing IDE 3.2\bin\wingide.exe"
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"D:\installed software\Wing IDE 3.2\bin\wingide.exe"
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