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I have used the ASP.Net sample code in a website. All works fine when using the sandbox, but I can't work out the correct settings to put it live.

In the constants.cs file this setting is 'sandbox' for test, but what should it be when going live?

public const string ENVIRONMENT = "sandbox";

It is used in ReviewOrder.cs to construct the Paypal Url:

                string host = "www." + Session["stage"].ToString() + "";

I can hardcode the URL and get the application working, but I would rather understand the code before I put it live. Anyone used the paypal SDK code samples?

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I think you can just set it to "live". I think it is only in the instance of the ENVIRONMENT being "sandbox" or "beta-sandbox" that the API End Point is changed from its default. As in (if sandbox) { sandbox endpoint} (else) {default [live] endpoint} Is there no conditional statement prior to your 2nd line of provided code? – Josh Aug 17 '11 at 14:03

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Paypal have confirmed this is a bug in the SDK sample code. The workaround for anyone who needs it is:

string host = "";
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