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The following javascript to resize a select list breaks in Google Chrome. It works when tabbing into the field, but clicking on it results in the "Aw, Snap!" error page.

<select onfocus="this.setAttribute('size', 3);">
<option>selectList with onfocus</option>

Works fine in FF and IE. It's some kind of conflict between onfocus (there's no problems if I implement it onClick) and setting the size attribute. I'm told it breaks in Safari too.

Any assistance, ideas or workarounds are greatly appreciated.

(P.S. Yeh I know it's not very nice form to resize a select list, but it's what the boss/client wants)

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Change the line with the select to this:

<select onfocus="var that = this; setTimeout(function() {that.setAttribute('size', 3);}, 0);">

It works for me in Chrome. I haven't tried in Safari but I suspect it will work as well. Basically all we do here is escaping the call stack with setTimeout, which appears to get around the bug in Webkit.

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Thank you so much! Works perfectly :D – Sam Wessel Apr 2 '09 at 10:55

I also found this:

So it seems this is a WebKit issue and for some reason they don't want to fix it (make it standards-compliant).

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As far as I can tell, Google Chrome ignores ALL select size attributes for multiple select boxes.

See link:


Use any other browser, then try Google Chrome. Just basic HTML attributes completely ignored by Chrome.

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