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Using the will_paginate gem, I want to create output that looks like this for the <a> tags:

<div class="navPagination">
  <span class="disabled prev_page">Prev</span>
  <span class="current">1</span>
  <a id="pag-top-2" rel="next" href="/aba/2011/07/30?page=2">2</a>
  <a id="pag-top-Next" class="next_page" rel="next" href="/aba/2011/07/30?page=2">Next</a>

Notice that both the <a> tags have a unique id selector. How can I create unique selector id's for each will_paginate page?

Note: if this isn't enough info, let me know and I'll try to provide more context.

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Here is a very detailled article about customizing will_paginate's output writing your own renderer.

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Maybe you can fork will_paginate and change this line:


for this code:

page_span page, text, :class => span_class, :id => "pag-top-#{text}"
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