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I want to take a screenshot of my iOS application when it is running in the simulator, and save the screenshot on my Mac. How can I do this?

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It's just as simple as command+s or File > Save Screen Shot in iOS Simulator. It will appear on your desktop by default.

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on iOS Simulator,

Press Command + control + c or from menu : Edit>Copy Screen

open "Preview" app, Press Command + n or from menu : File> New from clipboard , then you can save command+s

For Retina, activate iOS Simulator then on menu:HardWare>Device>iPhone (Retina) and follow above process

Command + S

is the way to save on Desktop, (on new iPhone simulators, this was introduced in later simulator)

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Press Command+Shift+4 and then keep the mouse pointer on Simulator and then press "Space Bar" key one camera icon will appear, now left click the mouse. Your simulator screen shot is saved on desktop. You can take the screen shot any small screen in the same way.

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You can google for IOS Simulator Cropper software useful for capturing screen shots and also easy to use with various options of taking snapshots like with simulator/without simulator.

Update Just pressing CMD + S will give you screenshot saved on desktop. Pretty easy huh..

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Press Command+Shift+4. You can then select your screen. As soon as you finish selecting your screen, screen shot will be saved on desktop.

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This answer doesn't work if you require full-size screenshots from a simulated device that doesn't fit on your computer's screen at full size (which is common). Wojtek's answer is better for this reason. –  Mark Amery Sep 17 '13 at 14:26
If you would like to switch to a full window screenshot, you can follow the above command with the spacebar. –  Doge Feb 26 '14 at 16:31
  1. Focus simulator
  2. Go to menu File->Save Screen Shot


    Press +S

Screen shot saves in desktop

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Press Ctrl + Alt + PrtSc and you will get print screen.

It will be save on your windows desktop.

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Oh my mistake this will be possible only if you are running MAC using VMWare –  Devang Aug 17 '11 at 12:24
Thanks Devang. May i will try it for VMWare. –  iDroid Explorer Aug 17 '11 at 12:59

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