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I am trying to run some kind of programm using command line, but I got an error. The command line is:

quantisnp2.exe --outdir D:\output\ --config "C:\Program files\QuantiSNP\params.dat" --levels "C:\Program files\QuantiSNP\levels.dat" --sampleid CNV1 --gender female --emiters 10 --Lsettings 2000000 --doXcorrect --genotypes --gcdir D:\gc\ --input-files C:\Program files\CNV1.txt

QuantiSNP:Single-file mode input find.
QuantiSNP:Processing file: C:|Program
QuantiSNP:Local CG content directory specified. Local CG content correction will be used.
??? Error using ==>textread at 167
File not found.
Error in ==> quantisnp2 at 293
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How to find where the error are in command line? Did I write something wrong in command line? –  vaidas Aug 17 '11 at 12:20

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The first thing I'd be looking at is the unquoted C:\Program files\CNV1.txt at the end of the command (all your other ones are quoted).

There's a good chance that's being treated as two arguments, C:\Program and files\CNV1.txt.

You may also want to check the spelling of emiters, I'm pretty certain the correct English word would be emitters though, of course, this could be a case of the QuantiSNP developers not knowing how to spell :-)

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