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I am working on powerpoint 2007/2010 in C++. I need to delete smart art objects of a smart art which is actually copied from original one. I use the following piece of code.

PPT::_SlidePtr pNewSlide=mDummyPresentation->Slides->AddSlide(1, PPT::ppLayoutBlank);
PPT::ShapePtr pSmartArt=pNewSlide->Shapes->Item(1);
    long int counter = pSmartArt->GroupItems->Count;
    for(long int k = 0; k < counter; k++)

Issue I am facing is that I get count as zero even though the smart art has objects in it. If I code the same thing in VB, I face no issues. Could anyone please through some light on how to resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance, Holla

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I saw your post on Microsoft Answers and posted a suggestion there. –  Steve Rindsberg Aug 17 '11 at 19:44

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