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I want to my browser not to store cache, when I update the content of my server I always have the first version of a document.

But when erase cache on my browser everything's ok. Is there anyway to tell the browser not to store cache when running my webApp ? I am using Java EE (JSPs) and Apache Tomcat Server.

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You can use a ServletFilter to ensure that the HTTP response contains headers to instruct browsers not to cache:

public class NoCachingFilter implements Filter {

    public void init(FilterConfig filterConfig) {

    public void destroy() {

    public void doFilter(
                   ServletRequest request, 
                   ServletResponse response, 
                   FilterChain chain) 
           throws IOException, ServletException {
        HttpServletResponse httpResponse = (HttpServletResponse) response;

        httpResponse.setHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache");
        httpResponse.setDateHeader("Expires", 0);
        httpResponse.setHeader("Pragma", "no-cache");
        httpResponse.setDateHeader("Max-Age", 0);

        chain.doFilter(request, response);

and then configure the web.xml to use that filter for all requests:

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