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I have a literal control named "ltlTextBox1" and "ltlTextBox2"

I would like to do something like this

for (int i = 1; i <= 2; i++)
   string textbox = "ltlTextBox" + i;
   textbox.Text = "Write this";
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TextBox textbox = this.FindControl("ltlTextBox" + i) as TextBox;

if (textbox != null) {
    textbox.Text = "Write this";
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I believe there is a LiteralControl control in asp.net . This would most likely provide the functionality you need.

Other than that I think we might need more information to help you out as to what/how/where you are trying to use these literal controls.

(Expanding on this)

LiteralControl l = this.FindControl("ltlTextBox") as LiteralControl;
l.Text = "My Text";
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in your code textbox is a variable of type string. String does not have a property called Text.

assigning a value to a variable doesn't change the name of the value. Ie ("ltlTextBox" + 1).ToString() prints "ltlTextBox1" whereas ltlTextBox1.ToString() prints System.Web.Ui.Controls.LiterlaControl or what ever the type of that variable is.

You either need to do:

ltlTextBox1.Text = "write this"; ltlTextBox2.Text = "Write this";


var controls = new[]{ ltlTextBox1, ltlTextBox2};
  for(int i = 0;i<controls.Length;i++){
    controls[0].Text = "Write this";
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