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I had a Makefile template to generate my latex documents, but there is an issue I don't understand...

My main latex file include other latex files located in ./includes/. The thing is whenever I make a modification in one of these files MAKE just don't see it and won't recompile.

The relevant part of the Makefile is this :

DOC ?= report.tex
PDF := $(DOC:.tex=.pdf)


IMG_DIRS ?= img

IMG_FILES := $(wildcard $(IMG_DIRS)/*.svg $(IMG_DIRS)/*.png)

IMG_EPS := $(patsubst %svg, %eps, $(patsubst %png, %eps, $(IMG_FILES)))

all: pdf


%pdf: %tex
    $(TEX) '$(PWD)/$<'
    $(BIB) '$(PWD)/$(shell basename $(DOC) .tex)'
    $(TEX) '$(PWD)/$<'
    $(TEX) '$(PWD)/$<'

$(INCLUDES) is a dependency for the mane target so it should recompile. I have tried many configurations with the same result.

There is just something I'm missing, thanks to enlighten me.

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Your $(INCLUDES) variable expands to nothing (it is empty). It should contain a list of files included by the .pdf.

The following initializes it with all .tex files from includes/ directory:

INCLUDES := $(wildcard includes/*.tex)
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Actually it's a template, I call it with INCLUDES := $(wildcard includes/*.tex) then include Makefile.latex.mk, I checked with a echo $(INCLUDES) and the files are here. –  Pierre-Luc Aug 18 '11 at 7:58
Try running make with -d flag to see which dependencies it considers for your .pdf target. –  Maxim Yegorushkin Aug 18 '11 at 8:11

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