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I have a "Processing" file (written in "Processing" i.e. a pde file) which has a model and its transformations such as open, close, scale, rotate ..

How can I import this file into Blender 2.49?

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I dont think so. You have to create your model in processing and then export it with a additional library in a format blender can import. There is a lib for exporting dxf files and i guess toxicLib has also the possibility to export 3d files as stl files.

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So if i create a model with its movements (for example) using processing and retype the original code as the exmple shown in processing.org/reference/libraries/dxf/index.html for using dxf library . now is it possible to import it from blender ? –  shaimaa Sep 15 '11 at 22:22

Use the modelbuilder library and UGeometry.

You'll import modelbuilder e.g. :

import unlekker.util.*;
import unlekker.modelbuilder.*;
import unlekker.modelbuilder.filter.*;
import ec.util.*;

Load UGeometry:

UNav3D nav;
UGeometry model;

And write with the UGeometry.writeSTL method.

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