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I have an app that runs on Heroku. With this app comes a blog. We want the blog to live under On Heroku this is not possible to achieve using 2 separate apps (best we can get is however this doesn't work for us, as our app uses wildcard subdomains.

So what we want to do is integrate the two apps (the app and the blog - they are both Rails apps) into one Rails app.

Is there an easy way to configure routing in such a way that the 'blog part' of the app will listen to routes that start with /blog (e.g. the posts controller would respond to /blog/posts instead of /posts)..?

Your time and insight is much appreciated.

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rails guides

scope "/blog" do
  resources :posts

it will map /blog/posts to posts#index

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You can namespace your controllers & routes as described in this rails guide.

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