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Maybe someone knows how to disable content assist only on 'else' keyword when working with PHP source editor in Aptana?

As I really, really hate it with this keyword, because after newest release it's really messing with my workflow as after entering 'else' and pressing enter it replaces it with:

else {
  [cursor stays here]

and sometimes it decides to get rid of indents completely.

Mind you I don't want to disable content assist completely, I just want to disable it for 'else' keyword.

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can you clarify what you mean by content assist? Are you selecting the element from a content assist popup? Does the item you are selecting have an icon that looks like a small torn page? – Ingo Muschenetz Aug 17 '11 at 14:42
the code assist (in aptana it's called content assist). Code assist automatically select first element in in popup and it's not possible to disable enter (as I found after additional research) it just inserts the first suggestion. Looks like I will have to suck it up for the time being. – Andrew Aug 18 '11 at 13:32
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Try this:

  1. Commands > PHP > Edit this bundle
  2. Open snippets/snippets.rb in the new php project it just created
  3. Delete the two snippets for else around line 85. Save the file

Problem should be gone.

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