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i wanted to automate the ec2 instance's start & stop and configured the crontab on an instance x. I followed these steps

1) Edited the crontab -e of instance X.

2) and added these lines

15 04 * * * username ec2-start-instances i-f1814c90

15 07 * * * username ec2-stop-instances i-f1814c90

10 10 * * * username ec2-start-instances i-f1814c90

3) and restarted the cron using sudo /etc/init.d/cron restart

But still am unable to either start or stop the ec2 instance using cronjob.



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Can you paste the stderr & stdout for those commands? If you donn't have one, then redirect them to a file and then post it here. –  RakeshS Aug 18 '11 at 3:44
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Most likely the issue is that the AWS data need to run the ec2 start and stop commands are not in the cron environment.

Its better to write a separate script that does this, instead of of making the ec2 commands on the cron like that.

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