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My company is starting to role out a large number of online tutorial/training videos, which are to be displayed inline on a webpage. We need a simple cross-browser solution that can accommodate a majority of users for inline viewing.

One solution I've read about (which isn't very simple), is to create a flash, mp4, and avi version of each video, and let a javascript plugin determine which the browser works best with.

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Is there a video format that is intended to be standard in the future for html5? –  Eric Di Bari Aug 17 '11 at 15:50
If Apple were to support the WebM format it could happen in the near future as I believe IE9 now supports WebM but it is very doubtful they will do that as they are closely tied to the proprietary H264 format. –  Paul Graffam Aug 17 '11 at 17:14
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I've experimented a bit with having video play across all browsers. The best way to do this is to set up an html5 video tag with a flash fallback. This actually does not require any javascript to work. This site: http://camendesign.com/code/video_for_everybody gives a great explanation on how to do this.

You're going to want to set something up that basically looks like this:

<video width="640" height="360" controls>
    <!-- MP4 must be first for iPad! -->
    <source src="__VIDEO__.MP4" type="video/mp4" /><!-- Safari / iOS video    -->
    <source src="__VIDEO__.OGV" type="video/ogg" /><!-- Firefox / Opera / Chrome10 -->
    <!-- fallback to Flash: -->
    <object width="640" height="360" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="__FLASH__.SWF">
        <!-- Firefox uses the `data` attribute above, IE/Safari uses the param below -->
        <param name="movie" value="__FLASH__.SWF" />
        <param name="flashvars" value="controlbar=over&amp;image=__POSTER__.JPG&amp;file=__VIDEO__.MP4" />
        <!-- fallback image. note the title field below, put the title of the video there -->
        <img src="__VIDEO__.JPG" width="640" height="360" alt="__TITLE__"
             title="No video playback capabilities, please download the video below" />

The video tag is an html5 tag that you can use to show video files on modern browsers. However you are going to need several different formats to display it properly in each one. For instance, Firefox only takes the webm and ogg formats whereas Safari only takes h264 and mp4 formats. Here's a great article on this: http://diveintohtml5.ep.io/video.html. A simple converter software you can download to convert your videos into all these formats can be found here: http://www.mirovideoconverter.com/. Other browsers (especially IE) do not take the html5 video tag so instead you have to include a flash format that it will automatically fall back on if it doesn't know what to do with the video tag.

In the end you will have to create at least 3-4 different formats of your one video file to get this working across browsers and platforms (iOS mobile) due to the lack of compatible standards. It is also important to make sure your server is using the correct mime-types for these formats. It sucks but for now it's the only way.

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The best solution so far:


How to implement:


<link href="http://vjs.zencdn.net/c/video-js.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="http://vjs.zencdn.net/c/video.js"></script>


<div class="vid">
    <video id="vid01" class="video-js vjs-default-skin" controls="controls" preload="none" width="640px" height="264px"
        <source src="../../Content/YourVideo.mp4" type='video/mp4'/> <!-- IE / Safari -->
        <source src="../../Content/YourVideo.webm" type='video/webm'/> <!-- Mozilla FF --> 
        <source src="../../Content/YourVideo.ogg" type='video/ogg'/> <!-- Chrome / Opera --> 
        <track kind="captions" src="../../Content/YourVideoCaption.vtt" srclang="en" label="English" />
        var myPlayer = _V_("vid01");

Copy/Paste above code to your <body></body> and add your video's path to src="../../"

  • .mp4 (Safari and IE can play this type of vids)
  • .webm (Mozilla can play this type of vids)
  • .ogg (Theora video)

you can use these free conventers for your videos.

Simple as this!

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Good solution. Also the first suggested video converter is very nice. –  Alex Mar 14 at 9:51
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For a commercial solution check out http://www.sublimevideo.net/

For free check out http://www.videojs.com/

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i use videojs.com too and its easiest way to do this job.. +1 –  Berker Yüceer Sep 14 '12 at 7:07
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Have you checked any JQuery plugins? There are many out there, that work well cross-browser. You can check http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/

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What has worked for me: I have uploaded the video to YouTube, then downloaded it as MP4 and it seems to work across browsers with the video tag.

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