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In every directory that I run irb, I have a config/boot.rb file that needs to be required. It be great if this could be autoloaded when I enter irb, but I'm not sure how to refer to the directory that I opened irb in from the .irbc file.

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I would do:

 config_file = File.join(Dir.pwd, 'config', 'boot.rb')
 require config_file if File.exist?(config_file)
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That should be your current directory:


If you want, you could just require it like this:

require File.expand_path('config/boot.rb', Dir.pwd)
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You can get the current directory of the process with Dir.pwd and that should be the same as the directory where you run the irbc command. Try putting something like this in .irbc:

require Dir.pwd + '/config/boot.rb'
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Just use irb -r.

$ irb -r./config/boot

Bonus points if you bind it to a bash alias.

$ alias bootirb=irb -r./config/boot

You won't be modifying your .irbrc this way—I'd imagine some people may find this to be a cleaner approach.

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