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I am trying to create a custom tab in my Build reports. I followed this link given under teamcity manual. But the tab simply does not appear for me. What am I doing wrong?

I see an entry being created in the config/main-config.xml like this. But still this does not help me showing the specific tab.

<report-tab title="Koverage" basePath="/usr/braga/helloworld" startPage="braga.html" />

enter image description here

By the way, I am trying to integrate the .html generated for rcov code coverage gme within my Rails project.

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I finally found out what I was doing wrong. Actually, I have to first create artifacts and have them saved in the artifact directory. Then, I will have to include those artifacts in the build I choose. The base path has be "." (meaning current directory) and the filename can be index.html. Here is a screenshot after I configured it.


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