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I have a problem with my app. I have a SurfaceHolder for drawing onto a canvas.
Under the surfaceCreated method, I call thread.start();
Under the surfaceDestroyed method, I call thread.join();
I run my app and press the home key, whoch in turn invokes the surfaceDestroyed method.

The problem is that I get a thread already started exception when I subsequently try and run my app again. Why is this? I am even testing to see if the thread is already running using isAlive(). Do I need to replace the thread.join line with a thread.wait?
If so, how can I resume the thread instead of starting it again in surfaceCreated?

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First - the wait method will not cause the thread to hang.
Second - join waits for the thread to die.
Third - I would consider creating a new thread, and not trying to run the same one.

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Ah thanks, works very well! – TNT Explosives. LTD Aug 18 '11 at 8:30

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