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I have a UINavigationController, I've added an a UIViewController under the nav controller.

The basic functionality is working fine, I'm able to click an item in my view controller and it takes me to a second view and I can use the back button to go back.

My question is, when I'm in IB, is there a way when I'm editing a VC that is going to be under a NavController to tell the VC "hey, pretend there is a nav bar at the top so that I can lay this view out with that nav bar in mind"? When I open up the xib file for the VC that is going to be under the Nav it shows me a full view to edit, and then when it gets loaded in it shrinks and shifts things and everything is good. But I may want a specific view that fits a certain way on the screen, and having the title bar up top would be nice as a reference when building a view that is going to be used under a nav controller.

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Select the main UIView in IB. In the properties, go to the Attributes Inspector. You'll see "Simulated Metrics". There is a pulldown for Top Bar. Set it to Navigation Bar.

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Thanks a bunch. Was looking for something like that, but must have overlooked the "Simulated Metrics" section. –  Nathan Hess Aug 17 '11 at 16:43
I have a really similar problem. Just that when I load my xib and the controller later on gets pushed onto a navigation controller, I don't see any of the changes that I'd made to the navigation bar in the xib. Any suggestions? –  sparkFinder May 11 '12 at 8:35

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