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Currently getting a lot of API requests and would to know the best way to serve these requests. I am running Apache web server right now but it is consuming a lot of memory. The requests are usually very short lived and don't need a lot of backend processing. It just retrieves something from MySQL and response to the requests.

I am thinking about using nginx, but it still needs a some kind of backend application server such as PHP or other to run. I am aslo thinking about using Node.js, but not sure if it is the right tool.

What do you suggest?

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I'd say that node.js is a very good tool for that, but that's just my opinion.

There are good node libraries for http servers and mysql, and node is good if you want speed.

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I'm using Node to build a few APIs and would recommend it.

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You should to try, because it's very depending on your API functions is it a lot of small requests or other way giant requsets. Not but what will the best decision is to change apache to nginx with node because it has good scalability and pretty loading control. But it said early nodejs is good both as server and as interpreter, because it uses the power of chi... of asynchronous requests processing and can be even faster then tornado (pythons) server look some speed test results. But i'm using Nginx+nodejs because I'm using different technologies Nodejs, PHP, C++, etc...

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