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I need to write a simple database editor and I like the customizable Admin pages of Django. I still wonder if there is an alternative that would allow me to define my models (or use something like SQLAlchemy) and show me a simple admin page where I could read, write, and create my records like Django.

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I just discovered that I could use Django Admin like PhpMyAdmin, but in a more user-friendly way. I then wondered if there was an alternative because I always have multiple solutions available in the open-source world, and I found nothing like this. –  Shmurk Aug 17 '11 at 16:53

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web2py have this kind of functionality. If you want to work with SQLAlchemy there's Camelot that give a Qt GUI and Rum for a web interface. I know that, at some times, TurboGears add an admin interface named Catwalk, but I don't know the state of it currently.

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