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I want to deploy a part of my symfony application, say, it's like a module.

I want to exclude all files first, and then include only the files of my new module.

For deployment I use the following symfony task

 php symfony project:deploy production -t

The parameter -t prints all files to the output that are included in this dry run of rsync.

Content of config/rsync_exclude.txt is only *, since I like to exclude everthing:


In config/rsync_include.txt I list all the files and folders for the inclusion:


The symfony task builds the following rsync command:

rsync --dry-run -azC --force --delete --progress --exclude-from=config/rsync_exclude.txt --include-from=config/rsync_include.txt -e "ssh -p22" ./

Problem 1: The the task doesn't sync any files.

Solution to 1: Change order: Include first, then exclude.

I figured out, that if I change my need to this one:

I want to include all files of my new module and exclude then all other.

This means using the following command:

rsync --dry-run -azC --force --delete --progress --include-from=config/rsync_include.txt --exclude-from=config/rsync_exclude.txt -e "ssh -p22" ./

The rsync works.

Problem 2: How can I change the order of the rsync when using the symfony task? The symfony task first excludes than includes.

Solution 2: ?

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It is NOT possible.

But you can edit the deployment task in lib/task/project/sfProjectDeployTask.class.php.

Replace this (line 145 to 154 in SF 1.4):

  if (file_exists($options['rsync-dir'].'/rsync_exclude.txt'))
    $parameters .= sprintf(' --exclude-from=%s/rsync_exclude.txt', $options['rsync-dir']);

  if (file_exists($options['rsync-dir'].'/rsync_include.txt'))
    $parameters .= sprintf(' --include-from=%s/rsync_include.txt', $options['rsync-dir']);

with this:

  if (file_exists($options['rsync-dir'].'/rsync_include.txt'))
    $parameters .= sprintf(' --include-from=%s/rsync_include.txt', $options['rsync-dir']);

  if (file_exists($options['rsync-dir'].'/rsync_exclude.txt'))
    $parameters .= sprintf(' --exclude-from=%s/rsync_exclude.txt', $options['rsync-dir']);

In short: switch this two IF statements.

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thank you, I did this before, but I did not want to touch the class actually. Good answer! – Olmo Rigolo Aug 18 '11 at 11:34
why got this downvoted? comment pls. – scube Aug 18 '11 at 11:58
I can't vote up, not enough reputation. But I think, it's because the proposition to change a file in the framework is not the right way. I would extend the class sfProjectDeployTask and implement the changed here. Anyway the idea is correct and the answer as well. – Olmo Rigolo Aug 19 '11 at 9:07

Let's change the way you want to do. You should use only the exclude file. Exclude only directories that changed but you don't want to sync.

Because anyway if you modules/, app/, ... directories haven't change, you don't have to put them in the exclude file because they will remain the same on both server.

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