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Is there a way to add a Tooltip to a JSTree node? I would like to display extra information when the user hovers over an element.

I'm pretty dense when it comes to JQuery so there may be an obvious answer to this.

Edit: Thanks to zzzz below, I am able to get a simple hover box to pop up. I still cannot apply a fancy JQuery Tooltip to it despite putting the tree's div within a fieldset as the instructions within the Tooltip page would suggest.

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I create my jstree dynamically using the create_node function:

  { "attr": { "id": "my_node" }, 
    "data": { "attr": { "class": "show_tooltip", 
                        "title": "my tooltip text" },
              "title": "my node text" } } );

And then I define the .show_tooltip class as tooltip: $(".show_tooltip").tooltip();

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$("#my_tree).bind("hover_node.jstree", function (e, data) 
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To catch the mouse leaving the node, look for the dehover_node.jstree event. Just leaving this here as a reference. –  arvidkahl Dec 3 '13 at 13:12
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isnt it just about adding a title attribute to your node in the tree that is hovered on?? nothing fancy..

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Thanks for the tip. With this, I was able to get a basic html tooltip displaying. While this may be good enough, I would like still like to know how to trigger a fancy JQuery tooltip on hover of a node. –  Haphazard Aug 17 '11 at 17:48
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